OutlanderThis family has new drama. 

Charles Vandervaart has been cast as William Ransom, the secret son of Jamie (Sam Heughan() for the seventh season of this historical epic. 

Who the hell is William then? Starz will explain. “Raised in the home of his stepfather Lord John Grey (David BerryWilliam is the ninth Earl from Ellesmere and a much-anticipated character in the series. William, a patriotic hero and enthusiastic to help end the tensions within the American Colonies, arrives to Wilmington in season 7.

You can go back even further. William was created on the night Geneva Dunsany, eighteenth Earl of Ellesmere married to Ludovic Ransom. Geneva was killed in complications after William’s conception. Lord Ellesmere then raised William as his own.

William was first introduced on Outlander‘s third season in 2017 but Jamie remains unaware of their connection—though the signs are starting to show.

Network adds that William appears to be a sophisticated aristocrat, but is actually “simmering below the surface” a Highlander’s flame. This family reunion is sure to be worth the effort.