It’s cool to be a film star, but it is more important to give back. Orlando Bloom.

Actor David O. Russell was there to help UNICEF celebrate its 75th anniversary on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

During the star-studded bash held at NeueHouse in Hollywood, Orlando was quick to praise the non-profit for the work they do all year long.

Reporters were told by him that UNICEF was an honor and a great privilege to work for. It’s been more than 10 years, and I have had the wonderful opportunity and the great fortune to travel to the most difficult places around the globe to observe how UNICEF operates in communities to bring people together.

Orlando continued, “It’s sort of nice to be able to come out and celebrate what they do…and hopefully support and continue to sort of spread the good word that they really make a difference. As I mentioned, I have had the privilege of seeing it in person for 10+ years.