Tom Holland makes a video on social media hiatus. He Said…

Olympian Gabby DouglasShe speaks out about a topic that is close to her heart. 

The gymnast announced in a new post on Instagram that she would be taking a break from social media in order to prioritize her mental health. She began the Aug. 14 Instagram post with “Hello guys, gabby” I know it’s not a common thing for me to post on social media but i wanted to inform you that i would be taking some time off to focus on my mental well-being and work on myself.

Gabby said, “My life was never easy or smooth.” I have had a lot of weight on my back over the years and it has been weighing me down physically, mentally and emotionally. The athlete went on to share that she “no longer want to run” but instead “fight and heal.”

“I refuse to be defeated by this weight, i refuse to be hardened by this weight,” Gabby—whose message coincides with fellow star Tom Holland‘s decision to step away from social media—added. I want to feel happy and light again.