In addition to the former First Lady, Allyson’s daughter, who she and husband Kenneth Ferguson Her career has been impacted by her being welcomed into the family in November 2018.

In June 2021, the five-time Olympian exclusively told CelebHomes News that Camryn gave her “a whole new drive” when it came to competing.  

It’s been a tradition for me to be competitive. I want to win. But, now the reason behind it all is different. I want her to see what it looks like to be a hard worker, to overcome adversity,” she said. “I cannot wait to share with her the stories of these past couple years. I know how challenging they have been. But, she has truly motivated me to go on.”  

At the time, Allyson also revealed that her daughter was “really into cheering right now,” adding, “Whenever she sees me running, she’s like, ‘Run, Mama, run,’ and she’s really into just being a little cheerleader. It is really exciting to see her become more active and the way that she develops. 

Camryn gives Camryn encouragement, which in turn helps her mom break records and make a positive difference. Allyson shared that her hope is for Camryn to be able learn those lessons, and she will also see the value in showing her that she was with us on this journey. “She really gives me strength and helps me keep going.