Drew applauds Euphoria for its portrayal of drug addiction

Josh Peck is opening up about the personal struggles he faced while dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, and disordered eating.

In a conversation with People published March 9, the Drake & Josh actor, who weighed almost 300 pounds as a teenager, shared that he used comedy as a “natural defense mechanism” growing up. 

Josh, 35 years old, said to the publication that he had spent his entire life trying to fit in with society. However, despite being overweight, Josh was also a child of a single mother and a musician who was not considered a socially successful person. 

The ability to adapt over time will allow for the How I Met Your Father actor decided to change his eating habits, losing more than 120 pounds. However, despite the drastic weight loss, Josh said something was still missing from his life—and that’s when he began using drugs and alcohol.

He said, “It was clear that after I lost weight, it became obvious that I was still the same person in a different body.” It is clear that I do overdo it. Then I found drugs and alcohol. That was the beginning of my next chapter. “I used drugs and food to suppress my feelings.”