Olivia WildeWill never forget about her CinemaCon experience.

In April, the Be happy, DarlingDirector was eager to show her new film at the convention. But the big news was that she received custody papers from her ex. Jason Sudeikis.

“It was my workplace,” the mom of Otis8 and Daisy5 explained Variety. In any other place of work, this would be considered an attack. This shouldn’t have happened. It was really frightening that there had been a breach of security. The hurdles that you had to jump through to get into that room with several badges, plus special COVID tests that had to be taken days in advance, which gave you wristbands that were necessary to gain access to the event—this was something that required forethought.”

Olivia felt disappointed by the way the movie was ruined for the cast and crew who had made it possible.