Olivia WildeIn the custody war against ex, has won a modest victory Jason Sudeikis over their two children—and it’s all about location.
Court documents obtained by TMZ Aug. 10 show that a Zoom Hearing took place with Olivia, Jason and their respective attorneys in New York (where Jason resides), and Los Angeles (where Olivia resides). The exes—who dated for nearly 10 years before their split in November 2020—are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle over their two children, Otis8. Daisy, 5.
According to the outlet, the meeting saw both the judges and the presiding judge agree that New York wasn’t the home for the children. They cited California as the preferred choice. Court documents obtained by Page SixJason’s first case was dismissed in New York.

The publication said that although the judge’s decision does not completely dismiss the case it still leaves the possibility for the custody case to proceed in L.A. County.