Savannah GuthrieIt is easy to relate to the frantic effort of a worker to get to work on schedule.

The 8th of August will see theToday co-anchor, 50, documented her hectic journey to the NBC morning show on social media, after revealing she’d accidentally overslept.

Savannah shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories from her ride to the show, which starts at 7 a.m. ET, with the caption, “overslept big time. It is 6:34 AM and I am still in my car. Six minutes later, she provided another update, revealing that she was having her hair and make-up done by “miracle workers”.

At “6:54 am-ish,” Savannah said in a video while walking into theToday studio, “This is a miracle. “I’m going make it!”

Then, she joined her co-anchor. Craig Melvin, at the desk just in time to do the local news tease. Savannah reminded viewers:Hoda Koch had the day off, Craig jokingly replied, “You almost had the morning off as well,” adding, “Savannah Guthrie rolled in about 15 minutes ago. She was too tired! She’s normal!