It seems that Olivia Wilde‘s little ones are big on playing things by the book. 

On Tuesday, November 2, the 37-year old Booksmart director attended the 2021 Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Hollywood, Calif. She posted pictures to Instagram of herself dressed up for the event the next morning, including one shot taken from home that gave a rare glimpse at her son Otis7-year-old, who she shares with ex Jason Sudeikis

In the image, which was presumably taken before the fashion show, Otis has his back to the camera and appears to be lovingly gazing up at his mom, who is smiling wide while looking down at him. The selfie was taken by Olivia while Otis is standing next to Olivia. Barbara Burchfield, Olivia’s good friend and the co-founder of their retail site Conscious Commerce.

Olivia captioned the photo, “Otis sets an exact curfew,” jokingly. Sure enough, the pic makes it appear as though her son is setting some ground rules for the night.