Olivia RodrigoIs it feeling serious? déjà vu

On May 25, the Grammy award-winning singer took to the comments section of a hilarious TikTok to share her surprise over a lookalike who had recently attended one of the Los Angeles stops on her Sour Tour.  

The 19-year old was shocked at how similar the girl in this video looked to her. She replied, “No, I thought she too.” 

In the clip, Olivia’s doppelganger can be seen channeling the singer’s iconic soft punk style by wearing a lilac dress, black knee socks and a pair of boots. Her look was completed with two braids, multiple silver necklaces, small sunglasses and a few more silver necklaces.  

The user posted on TikTok, “My sister says that she looks just like Olivia Rodrigo.” The video sees the lookalike attempting to conceal her identity as she walks through a metal detector, locates her seats, poses for photos and causes fellow fans to do a double take at the Los Angeles concert.

The full video can be viewed here