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Although a complicated beauty regimen is foolproof in theory, it can prove overwhelming in practice. Simply ask Olivia RodrigoShe said that “less is more” when it comes to skincare, and she agree with her. VogueBeauty routine video. Songwriter/singer of “Driver’s License”, said, “My skin’s alright. I am still a teenager. It is not possible for me to look perfect all the time at 18 years old. Although it’s good all around, I do have my moments. Aren’t all of us?

The Grammy Awards nominee stated, specifically, that her skin enjoys breaking out on her nose and chin. Acne masks don’t work. This sentiment is one that many people can identify with, whether they are teenagers or not. Olivia also shared her thoughts on makeup. “The biggest lesson I have learned about makeup is that less is more,” Olivia said. I find that accentuating my natural features makes me feel more confident.

Olivia said, “I believe that the root of your makeup routine should only be for pleasure and for your self-confidence,” before sharing her top skin and hair products. Below, you’ll find her complete routine with helpful commentary.