It does seem. Olivia Newton-John‘s passing was not sudden for her family.

On Aug. 8, the beloved Grease The actress, who was living in Southern California with her husband, died. John EasterlingInstagram announcement. Just a day after her passing, Olivia’s niece has shared further information about the actress’ declining health amid her decades long battle with breast cancer.  

“It wasn’t just cancer that killed her. It was also other complications like being in a hospital with an extremely susceptible immune system.” Totti GoldsmithAustralia’s 9 Now News. She contracted secondary infections. “She really fell in the last five to six days.”

Totti shared that Olivia had been taking cannabinoids prior to her death, but her level of pain continued to intensify and the drug provided little relief in the end.”It’s really helped her, but later on it wasn’t enough,” she explained, adding that Olivia “really struggled with a lot of pain.”

Being aware of her aunt’s continuing discomfort, Totti said that she was not surprised to learn of Olivia death. She said that it was not surprising, as she had known for some time how sick Olivia has been, especially in the last five days.