Over the course of half a dozen years, the trend of young celebrities living an adolescent life has increased substantially. We’re talking about purchasing a full-fledged house at age 18. Jennette McCurdy, one of many youthful actresses (happens to also be a singer), became a newly fellow homeowner. She’s now officially part of the ranks of the 25 and under homeowner gang. The 21 year-old can be seen in “iCarly” and it’s add-on, “Sam & Cat.” Jennette is currently fnishing up on, yet, another TV movie, followed by Almost Heroes 3D. This movie’s presently in the filming phase. She’ll star along with Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine Origins and Savage), Carla Gugino (any Spy Kid movie and Watchmen), and Napoleon Dynamite.

The fact that Jennette now has property to her name puts her up there with Rihanna (bought her first home at age 21), co-star Miranda Cosgrove (age 19), and Justin Bieber (bought his first home at age 18). Her first and only home is located in Studio City, CA. It was built in 1987, and reportedly measures 2,600 sq ft. The towering structure appears to have 3 levels, if you include the single-car garage. McCurdy and guests would be greeted with a giant Winnie-the-Pooh tree that’s sitting firmly by the flight of stars (leads up to the entrance of Nickelodeon headquarters). As she and visitors ascend to the front door, they’d pass two tall lightweight trees. You’d also notice that the roofing is tiled, giving the whole house a hint of mediterranean.

As you can possibly imagine, the 1987-built residence was renovated in time. Some renovations include modern touches and stainless steel appliances. One could never go wrong with stainless steel. One could also never go wrong with a cozy 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom Studio City pad. Upon entering, you’ll stumble upon an adequate basic living room with a double-door window. Connected to this area is a family room, complete with a fireplace. Kitchen is furnished with a refridgerator, double-stacked oven, stove, and sink. The refridgerator astonishingly contains 2 freezer storage bins at the bottom, one for “adult juice” and the other for…….well……….frozen food.

The site has another accessible “fireplace room” for those incoming chilly California nights. Jennette and Co. can alternatively chillax in the interestingly placed convenient hot tub. The hot tub can be found on the topmost level, nestled in the corner of the balcony outside which provides a great view of a nearby landscape of trees. More suroundings and, perhaps, distant eye-balling landscapes can be unveiled with an on-site private patio area. An additional feature of McCurdy’s home is an office/den. One method of reaching this room is descending down spiral stairs. All of this for $905,000? You go girlfriend! Hopefully, Jennette can keep up with holding the title “homeowner.” She still intends to compound her acting career with success in the music department.

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