It may be an (obi-wan) announcement that you do not wish to hear. 

The bad news is that we’ll have to wait for a little longer. Obi-Wan Kenobi to hit our small screens. Good news! We mean “a little” in this case, which is two days. A Twitter announcementOn March 31, Disney+ Ewan McGregor The new series premiere will take place on May 27, rather than May 25.

According to the announcement, however, both the first and second episodes of the series will be aired together.

If they didn’t realize the importance of the date changes, Disney must have thought that we were wookiees! Original plan was for it to air on May 25, the anniversary. Star Wars‘ release in 1977—also known as Star Wars Day. It’s not surprising that fans weren’t happy with the date change. 

Weird that it be moved to 25th because of the importance of this date Star WarsOne fan said, ” tweeted. The episode 1 can be done on Thursday, and episode 2 on Friday. The rest of the series can be seen on Fridays.

“First two Obi-WanEpisodes on a Friday ???” One more added. “Twice the episodes = double the fun! #Starwars”