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We may still be in the middle of winter, but spring will be here before you know it and you’ll be trading in your favorite pair of Uggs for some cute sandals. A sale is available that will make updating your wardrobe easier, and also cheaper.

Nordstrom Rack is holding a Spring-Ready Flash Sale where you can find deals up to 87% off brands you love like Good American, Madewell, Kate Spade and more. This means that you could get a $169 Good American Parka or a $40 Madewell Tee for only $19. This is a great opportunity to save on beauty products, as selected products from Urban Decay and MAC are included. 

There’s something to suit everyone’s needs, whether you are looking for shoes, clothes, accessories or makeup. Here are a few of the deals that we believe you should take advantage during Nordstrom Rack’s Spring-Ready Flash Sale. Check them out.