Chatting with someone is a great way to get to know them. Charlotte (Kristin Davies) about her hair color in the first episode, she replies, “I’m getting a master’s in human rights to pair with my law degree, so hopefully I can become an advocate for women who need one. To do this, I don’t necessarily have to be fiery red. 

“It is not enough to stay the way we are, you know? Miranda adds, telling Charlotte, “There are more important issues in the world than trying to look young.” 

Miranda’s natural haircolor helped other women see realistic representations of women through television. One fan wrote on TwitterAccording to #AndJustLikeThat, the best part about seeing #AndJustLikeThat women in their 50’s looking great is when they have gray hair and wrinkles. (go @Miranda!) You look amazing. Made me realize how lacking that representation is on TV these days.”

Wherever you stand on Miranda’s hair color, Kim’s final review of the show is one that almost everyone can agree on. 

Share an image Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Paris during the finale, Kim wrote, “The most stunning kindest human being @sarahjessicaparker,” adding, “This show just makes me so happy!” 

Kim was a hardcore Fan of Just like that since it first began airing. When asked what she was watching In January, the Keeping Up With the KardashiansStar tweeted?, “Oh and also Just Like That the new chapter of Sex & The City! My obsession will not end! I am filled with joy when I see the girls!”