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It’s no secret that Nordstrom Rack is one of our go-to sites for finding incredible savings on must-have clothes, beauty and home goodies. After all, where else can you score cute spring dresses and premium jeans for less than $50 or wedding guest attire and back to office styles for up to 91% off? We know that these kinds of discounts are not very common. This is our second batch of discounts that we are offering.

Nordstrom Rack offers designer clothing and shoes from high-end brands, such as Fendi, Givenchy and Ferragamo. Even though some items, such as this Valentino leather dress with a detail at the hem, are still quite expensive, there are some great deals like this Hugo Boss women’s blazer, which is 91% less than its retail price! or these rose gold Givenchy threader earrings for just $13. 

So, what else can you find at Nordstrom Rack’s Designer Shop today? Here are some styles and deals that we found. You can check them out here.