UPDATE:The case was dismissed by a judge NirvanaTuesday, January 3, 

The defendants, which also include Universal Music Group and The David Geffen Company, filed to dismiss the lawsuit on Dec. 22. The plaintiff has been Spencer Elden, did not file any opposition to the motion before the Dec. 30 deadline, a judge granted the dismissal. 

Elden can file a Second Amended Complaint until January 13th.

In a statement to CelebHomes News, Elden’s attorney said his team intends to continue with the child pornography case. The lawyer stated that they would file a second amended complaint in accordance to the court order. “We believe Spencer will be permitted to proceed with the case,” said the lawyer.


The members were not a hit but a success. NirvanaThey now face a lawsuit.

August 24, 1991: The naked baby of the band, the man photographed under water as an infant for their iconic 1991 photo NevermindAlbum cover sued claiming he was victim to child pornography.