CelebHomes: CelebHomes and you’re so busy. How can you stay on top of all your goals and other activities for this new year? 
JH: I think it’s about finding goals that are attainable. Sometimes we can go too far and say, “I will lose 50 pounds in 2 months.” It’s impossible. When you work towards your goals in a long-term way, it’s much easier to achieve them. Creating goals that are achievable is the way to go because you can really celebrate your victories daily versus something that feels like it’s impossible to reach.

It’s about connecting with the emotions you desire to experience and what you are aiming to achieve, rather than what you actually do. A lot of people talk about health and wellness. If I want to become healthy, rather than saying, “I want health”, think about what kind of feeling you’d like to have by becoming healthy. You may desire to be more energized, feel lighter, have less brain fog, and feel clearheaded. Connecting with these feelings and not just focusing on your goal is a key factor in helping you achieve your goals.

ND: Another big one is surrounding yourself with good people and people that you want to succeed with, people that stimulate you, and people that will push you to make sure that you are reaching your goals. They say that the first five people that you’re the closest with are a reflection of you. If you surround yourself with people who don’t have a goal and are unmotivated, you will find it hard to stick to your goals.  Julianne is my top priority.

JH: The power of proximity is power. Think about who you would like to be. You should surround yourself with these people. It’s a great thing that Nina and I can get along.