Emily Cooper would not be pleased with this defaced billboard of her hit show Emily in Paris. And as for the actress Lily CollinsWhile she is the actual character on the Netflix series and can’t help but laugh at the graffiti surrounding her poster,

Lily, as shown in the Jan. 2, Instagram photo, was out walking through New York City together with director. Charlie McDowellWhen they came across the, Emily in ParisThe billboard now sports pink paint on Lily’s faces. Em wrote, “I cannot say that I like the new look Em.” “But A for effort…”

Alongside her message, Lily posted a video of Charlie hilariously running away in fright after seeing the new version of the billboard. In the second slide, 32-year-old actress poses with the altered billboard. She makes a shock expression while taking a photograph. 

Lily’s family and friends praised Lily for making light out of it in the comments. She’s an example to everyone, actress Ashley ParkLily stars in the movie alongside her friend, Jeremy. Emily in Paris, wrote. Although Mary SteenburgenLily’s mother, in-law, giggled with them all, writing “Hahaha!”