It is not easy to tell if the first person you love is right for you.

Comedian Nikki GlaserHer family and friends consider her relationship to her ex. Chris ConvyCelebHomes News gives you an exclusive peek at the week’s episode Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?

Nikki admits in a confessional that she wants to be liked. “It’s the difference between being like, ‘I want Mexican tonight. Let’s get Mexican food. Or, let us go have Mexican. It’s fine.

After meeting while she was working on her TV series, Nikki and Chris have been together for many years. Nikki & Sara LiveNew York. With Nikki Chris constantly on-again, off-again, Nikki’s parents—EJ and Julie Glaser—are becoming impatient with their daughter’s love life decisions.

“It’s gonna all end, I mean.” It’s going to end. EJ Glaser makes joking remarks in confessional. Let’s make a decision. Let’s move on to the last page of this book.

During a cozy night in with Julie and Nikki’s childhood BFF, Kerstin RoberstonNikki’s friend and podcast cohost is. Andrew CollinShe gives some tips.