Mama drama? It’s not happening so quick.

Nikki GlaserWhen her CelebHomes reality show premieres, she will be able to share her life with her family and close friends. Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?,It premiered on May 1. Now, the comic reveals that one her parents is a comedian It is almostIt didn’t appear on the program.

Nikki says that her father is the best. EJMom, et al. JulieShe originally stated, “Let’s get it done, I’m down!” She told them all about it. “And then when the cameras came my mom tried to bail because she was like, ‘Our house is messy and dah, dah, dah,'” Nikki exclusively told CelebHomes News. “It was so chaotic that I didn’t clean my bedroom, it’s a disaster. Be happy with yourself.

Nikki continued about her mom, “I literally threatened, ‘You know what would be funny? It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the show. She goes, ‘I’m doing it for you,’ and I go, ‘Don’t do it for me, this is a great opportunity for you. It’s not my intention to have you do any thing for me. The truth is, if you do not want to perform the role we will cast you again. It’ll be hilarious. We’ll just audition someone to play you and then that was what made her go, ‘Well, I don’t want that. Your dad shouldn’t have a fake bride. She agreed and she loved it.