Perhaps a nice Mother’s Day gift will sweeten the deal? Artem promised Nikki that “there” was a gift for her. These are Plans” for the next holiday, but he would not reveal them.

She reminded him, just in case, of her fondness for Louis Vuitton, and diamonds, to make sure he doesn’t forget. You all have heard it! Nikki joked. 

They welcomed their first child together, named after the couple. MatteoIn July 2020. In fact, it was his birth that changed Nikki’s opinion on marriage. She exclusively shared the details on Daily Pop in February, “Once I had Matteo and I started to raise him, I was like, when I say ‘I do,’ I want to make sure it’s forever…but also, overall, I don’t want my son to go through a divorce.” 

Now she’s just excited for the 20-month-old to experience the big day alongside his parents—even if it makes him a little jealous. Nikki explained that whenever Artem is hugging or kissing Artem, Matteo will pull them apart. Then he’ll give me lots of squeezes.

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