Nicole Richie Gives Sofia Richie’s Boyfriend Her Stamp of Approval

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Sofia Richie’s Her boyfriend is loved by her family

Supermodel is celebrated Elliot GraingeOn Saturday, Nov 6,’s birthday was celebrated with an Instagram post. The 23-year old model said, “You are everything for me.” Happy birthday, babe! 

Sofia is Sofia’s big sibling, according to the PDA photo comments Nicole Richie couldn’t help but gush over the music executive. She wrote “Elliot”: “I love You More Than Instacart.”

Nicole’s husband Joel MaddenA sweet comment was also written under the photo, “My Brother,” and followed by three red-heart emojis.

Sofia and Joel Elliot began their relationship earlier in the year. In July, they made it official on Instagram. Joel and Nicole aren’t the only family members who love Sofia’s new relationship. CelebHomes News received confirmation from a source saying that Lionel Richie loves Elliot, and that he approves of the couple.