After social media backlash Maria ShriverShe is showing support for her son-in law Chris Pratt
The following week saw the Guardians of the GalaxyOnline criticism of star’s Instagram post dedicating to his wife, who he has been married for two years led him to apologize. Katherine SchwarzeneggerThis is a placeholder page for. Referring to their 14-month old daughter LylaThe caption stated that the actor had thanked his wife for giving them a healthy, beautiful daughter. Many users deemed the comment insensitive to his ex-wife Anna FarisAs their 9-year old son, JackAfter being born prematurely seven weeks earlier than expected, he faced serious health problems.
Maria offered support to the actor in the comments section of Instagram. Maria posted, “I wanted to remind you today how a good man your are.” “What an amazing father you are for Jack and Lyla. Katherine is a wonderful husband. I am a proud son in law to you. You have a terrific sense of humor.
Maria said, “I love Chris,” Maria continued. Keep being the wonderful you, and rise above all of it. It’s a lovely life. Your family loves your kids. You are a proud person, xo.