It’s not hard to be a sucker. Nick JonasAnd ShakiraThe new series of competitions, which has yet to premiere. 

They will be the stars of NBC’s upcoming series. Dancing With MyselfAlongside Liza KoshyCelebHomes News was able to get the scoop from them about what will be happening during NBCUniversal’s upfronts presentation in May 18th.

According to Shakira, the premise of the show—groups of everyday people competing in a series of high-energy dance challenges each week—was inspired by the popularity of viral dance routines on social media apps like TikTok.

After the pandemic, she said that many people were dancing in their homes and trying to share their love of dance. “So we thought this would be the perfect show to give the opportunity to a lot of people who aren’t professionals—or who are professionals, everybody—to have access to a platform like this one, and to showcase not only the talent, but the passion for dance.”

Dancing With Myself‘s contestants won’t necessarily be judged on their abilities, either—more like their ability to entertain and be themselves.