How can a man be the favourite uncle? Nick JonasAnd Priyanka Chopra“Is that a girl?”

The singer, 29, revealed which of his three brothers—Kevin Jonas, 34, Joe Jonas, 32, or Frankie Jonas, 21—secured the no. 1 spot in the May 17 episode The Tonight Show. Nick said that all his brothers are “amazing uncles”, but Frankie takes the crown. 

He said that he was the most beloved uncle of all uncles, adding humorily, “Well, it’s the closest to the children in age.” 

In January, Nick and Priyanka revealed that they had privately welcomed their first baby girl named “Priyanka”. Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, via surrogate. Mother’s Day is Jonas Brothers band member shared on Instagram that their newborn had spent more than 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit and that they were finally able to bring her home.

Nick stated, “It’s quite wild.” Jimmy FallonAbout becoming a father. “You know, my little girl comes home. It’s a wonderful gift.”