Nick CannonHe is accepting his family reputation and responding to it with SaweetieThis is a post on welcoming small children.

Saweetie took to TwitterSunday, November 6th, to say, “I want some baby,” but without providing any context. On the following day, she announced her separation from rapper 28-year old. Quavo in March, also posted the “babies” tweet to her Instagram Story, adding a shrugging emoji.

Although there were many replies to her tweet, Nick was the most prominent. quote-tweeted her message by adding thinking face, ninja, rolling on the floor laughing and man raising one hand emojis.  

The 41-year old The Mask Singer host didn’t add any words to explain his reply, but his tweet was a likely reference to the headlines he made earlier this year for having four children with three different women over the course of a few months.

Saweetie has yet to publicly respond to Nick, but plenty of other Twitter users offered their own thoughts about the father of seven inserting himself into the conversation.