The back of Camila CabelloThe shape of your neck is going to change, but not in the worst way. 

A photo of the tattoo Camila got from her artist friend was shared to Instagram on Sunday, Nov. 7. Camila said that she was a tattoo artist in her caption. Kane Navasard‘s body art, located on the back of the star’s neck, was inspired by botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer“The 2013 nonfiction book by Sweetgrass braiding

Camila’s message included a line attributed to the book that read, “It word ecology is derived from the Greek word ‘oikos,’ the word for home.”

The Fifth HarmonyStar said, “This book was about Indigenous wisdom and plants. It changed my whole life.” It changed the way I saw the world and everything else. [its]They are all one. I learned about reciprocity and the wisdom of Mother Nature. It also taught me that when Earth heals, so do we.