It is Nick Cannon ready to say “I do” again?

It Wild ‘N Out star—who was previously married to Mariah Carey—recently weighed in on the topic during a conversation on the Shelley Wade, All The Way podcast. Using his latest single as an example Chris BrownCannon said that he asked himself at the start of the song if he thinks about remarrying and answered with “I Do.”

He said, “I am a hopeless romantic at end of the day Shelley,” on the podcast episode June 22, 2012. The concept is amazing. It’s a beautiful ceremony. It’s been so frustratingly difficult for me to get along with monogamy. God has not forgotten me. We gonna figure it out.”

Host Shelley Wade then asked Cannon what the “deciding factor” would be when choosing to marry “because you don’t have a problem getting women, for sure.” Cannon’s response? 

Cannon later stated that “I think, As I Grow, I mean… I may have had a few midlife crisiss,” but that he was now liking Cannon’s man. He said: “I feel like someone will understand me, and be there for me.”