Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott Launch New Foundation to Honor Late Son

Alyssa, Nick and Alyssa thanked all those who were able to attend the first lighting ceremony. They wrote that they couldn’t wait to see next year, where the Lighting Gala would continue growing in order to find a cure, support more research, and console families going through difficult times.

The Dec. 7th episode of Nick Cannon Show, Nick shared the devastating news that Zen had passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer. The comedian said that Zen’s family first learned of his illness after he was brought to see a doctor for a sinus problem. But, they later discovered that Zen had another condition.

Nick described hydrocephalus, saying that he thought it was called fluid. He noticed that his head was growing larger. It was a malignant tumour in the head, which they discovered after we learned more. Surgery was required immediately. Brain surgery.”

Doctors placed Zen in a head shunt and hoped it would be ok, but Nick noticed that Zen was suffering from deterioration around Thanksgiving. He shared that “if anyone knows what cancer is it was in the brain.” The tumor grew a lot quicker.”