Katie Thurston and John Hersey Reunite at County Fair After Breakup

Are you looking for the biggest Bachelor Nation split-up? These two are definitely not the best.

Just days after Katie ThurstonAnd John HerseyAfter the couple had announced their split via social media, the ex-partners met up at the San Diego County Fair in June for a day of fun and fellowship.

As seen on Bachelor in ParadiseStar Tammy KaylyThe group took a trip to Southern California for the summer festival and captured some photos in an Instagram booth.

Although John and Katie didn’t take any photos together, they spent a day together at the fair. After enjoying Tammy’s sunset ride, Katie posted on Instagram that she had dedicated the summer to herself. John previously uploaded a video of the same attraction.

John and Katie continue to follow one another on Instagram, further proof of their good fortune. John even defended his ex via social media this week.