Although we’re certain that there’s a non-fictional character named “Nicholas Brody” that was spawned, or will be, into this world, our eyes and keyboards are fixated on the war hero in Showtime’s drama series, “Homeland.” To set the premise a bit for those who have yet to see the show (includes the new owner of the house prop), Nicholas Brody is a marine who is held captive in Iraq for many years. When he finally returns, the CIA gets on him like white on rice because they suspect that Brody was brainwashed. But yes, the new owner of Nicholas Brody’s house reportedly had no clue that the 2,480 sq ft set served more of a purpose than just sitting in Charlotte, NC.

It was built in 1960. The exterior alone suggests that. Nonetheless, it’s well-preserved. To help out with the age, the front is decorated with a proper amount of foliage and trees which emulate a warm welcome home. The one-story estate actually received many visitors who were equipped with cameras. It remains to be a tourist attraction to this day. Meanwhile, Damian Lewis, the actor who filled Nicholas Brody’s shoes, will be fairly busy this year with a TV mini-series and a big screen project.

Address: Unknown