“Glitter Man,” flamboyant, homosexual…….Liberace probably wouldn’t mind any of these adjectives. He was the most globally paid entertainer in his time. Liberace sang, danced, played music, acted……..He did it all. Liberace may be deceased. However, he’s still referred to in jokes and literature. Also, behind him remains his former estate in nowhere better than Las Vegas. Luckily for a ginormous fan of Liberace’s, the 14,939 sq ft residence was unoccupied and on the market for $500,000 flat. It’s rare to see the name of the buyer of a celebrity home. But, Martyn Ravenhill seemed to be more than happy to be revealed to interviewers.

The two-story 2 bed and 6.5 bath floor plan is plain,rusty, and empty. This is temporary though, of course. The die-hard Liberace fan intends to renovate the entire 0.48 acre property. At least the place has 5 fireplaces, a laundry room, wired cable TV, and full fencing. It gets better from here. Martyn stated that he’s going to make the place look……..well……..fabulous. We’re looking forward to what the new proud owner of Liberace’s former glamorous expanse has in storage.

Address: 4982 Shirley St, Las Vegas NV 89119