As you probably expect, New York City is home to many of the rich and famous. In the city there are homes for some of the biggest names in entertainment, as well as some of the celebrity rich, those people who have amassed fortunes and bought property to enjoy in some of the most expensive areas of the city.

Hollywood Legends

For example, one of the most famous people who live in NYC is Leonardo DiCaprio. While he may have multiple homes in various parts of the world, he has a very special one in the Big Apple.

Some of the ‘facilities’ DiCaprio had installed in his apartment are truly breathtaking, and sure signs of his wealth and status. For example, he has special aromatherapy ducts in his apartment, which release therapeutic elements into the air inside the rooms. Add to this his amazing Circadian rhythm lighting system, and you have a celebrity who is truly using his status to make his home a dream.

The James Bond actor Daniel Craig has a penthouse in NYC. The penthouse spans three floors and offers amazing views of the city. One of those floors is entirely given over to the master bedroom and bathroom. It’s huge and is proving to be a welcome retreat from celebrity life in NYC for Craig, who is notoriously private.

Richard Gere, one of the most famous heartthrobs of all time, also has a property in New York. The place was listed for sale for nearly $60 million a few years ago. It’s a truly huge and dramatic home, offering incredible views and some of the most tasteful interior design ever. An amazing place, it ticks all the ‘celebrity home’ boxes.

Ron Howard, legendary director of such huge hit movies like Apollo 13, has an incredible property that is relatively new compared to other celebrities. Built in 1994, it has over 32 acres attached to it, and contains an impressive 7 bathrooms. Of course, bathrooms are an excellent indicator of wealth, and Howard isn’t short of those.

Another legendary director, Peter Jackson, bought property in the Tribeca area. This is one of the most fashionable areas in New York, and he has a huge property that matches the scale of some of his most famous epic movies. The director of The Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit movies has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. And Tribeca is one of the hippest, coolest places to live in New York too.

Not only is NYC one of the most exciting places in the world to live, it also has a great nightlife scene, which is why so many celebrities choose to live there. There are so many famous and popular venues. Whether it’s getting round in a limousine or by cab, or even choosing party bus rental NYC, celebrities keep coming back to New York to enjoy the best entertainment, eating and drinking and cultural sights.

With so many celebrities choosing to have a home in New York, it’s apparent that this cosmopolitan city will always stay sought after, hip and trendy place to visit and live in.