Marilyn MonroeIts fascinating history continues to fascinate.

Another documentary on the subject It is hot to some actress is set for release, and this project claims to resolve a mystery that even Marilyn sought answers to: the identity of her biological father. Born Norma Jeane BakerStar, grew up in foster homes while her mother tried to keep the household afloat.

According to VarietyLabel News is wrapping up production Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn’s Final SecretThe documentary “The Star’s Faught Search for Her Father” is a short one-hour film that tells the story of the star’s difficult search and the results from a DNA test. The production company told the outlet that producers tested a strand of Marilyn’s hair—taken by the person who embalmed her in 1962—to extract her DNA profile, then compared it to a sample of saliva from the great-grandchild of her suspected father, Charles Stanley Gifford

Director Francois Pomès confirmed that the production uncovered a long held “family secret.”