Warning: This article contains spoilers from season three Never Have I Ever.

Deacon PhillippeI am ready to get closeups, particularly after it was killed on Never Have I Ever.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lee RodriguezRamona Young And Megan Suri, who play Devi, Fabiola, EleanorAnd Aneesa, respectively, on the Netflix hit series, said as much while discussing the new season—during which Deacon makes his acting debut—with CelebHomes News.

In fact, Ramona credited Reese Witherspoon and Ryan PhillippeHis son was “awesome genetics”, according to, who added, “He just came on and was cool as a cucumber.” He was beautiful. He was a master of his craft. It was amazing.”

Lee also noted, for the record: They’re all huge fans of Reese.

Megan, despite Megan’s A-list parents, confirmed Deacon was “just a down to Earth guy who was there for his first professional job.”

CelebHomes News spoke out to say that they all believed he had killed the animal. Deacon, shout it out

Maitreyi expressed a similar sentiment, sharing, “He was very sweet and ready to learn and be a part of the group. Although he had many people to meet it was daunting for him, he quickly became a part of our group.