After all these years—90 Day FiancéWe are still surprised by its beauty. 

Season nine, Part 1 These Couples Say It All, premiering Aug. 14 on TLC, promises to be more dramatic than ever—but don’t take our word for it.

We have an exclusive here 90 Days“Host Shaun RobinsonCelebHomes News clip featuring teasesOne person is pregnant. If it’s you, I would like you to show me your hand.

It’s one of seven possibilities, but we don’t think it is. Emily Kobe. When JibriEmily turns to look at mother of two, and she asks: “Baby number three?” Emily smiles and responds “It’s certainly not me.

We’re down to six possible couples now!

To find out who’s actually contributing to clans, we recommend you keep an eye on the web.

Of course, there’s more to baby drama than that.

We have seven partners today. Robinson states that everyone had one goal: to find true love. Everybody here hopes to achieve that goal.