Netflix announced its premiere date. Grab some popcorn, and snuggle up on the sofa. Love is blind reunion.

The streaming platform confirmed fans can see the cast reunite on Friday, March 4, sharing two tense-looking photos of Natalie Lee ShainahurleyAs well as Shayne JansenKyle Abrams Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. As you can see, Natalie talks to Shaina in one photo. Deepti Vempati With arms crossed, he sits between them.

It seems likely that Natalie is confronting Shaina about the hairstylist’s meddling in her relationship with Shayne. 

Fans basically screamed at the TV as Natalie planned a future with Shayne, seemingly unaware that Shaina was talking dirty to her man and he was responding in similar fashion. And while the signs were there—he called Natalie by Shaina’s name—Natalie still trusted Shayne enough to accept his proposal.

To make matters worse, Shaina had told her fiancé Kyle that their relationship would never work because of differing religious beliefs—even though she admitted otherwise in private. During a confessional, she explained that she simply couldn’t get over Shayne and the chemistry they had.