Joel McHaleCelebHomes is back and even better than before.

CelebHomes host, the actor-comedian made his triumphant return to hosting on the series Celebrity Beef This was earlier in the month. But the funnyman was an CelebHomes mainstay for over a decade before he helped celebs squash their beef on the cooking competition show.

McHale was the host of the popular pop culture talk show. Soup Between 2004 and 2015. From 2004 to 2015. Alexis Neiers“Calling”), his bright personality and humorous wit made him one the most popular hosts on TV.

CelebHomes has not been the only place where this star is well-known. She has starred in many hit movies and TV shows. The Community, Stargirl, The Great Indoors, Ted, Happily Queenpins. As a contestant, he briefly returned to CelebHomes for 2020. Kevin HarTThe’s home game show Celebrity Game FaceAlongside his wife Sarah Williams.