Natasha Bedingfield already has a pocket of sunshine, so she figured “Why not have more sunshine?” through the purchase of a nicely-aged and luxurious spanish-style estate in Hollywood Hills. Natasha Bedingfield is ready for the next chapter in her life, which is also the title of her fourth studio album. Since then, the singer and songwriter has made music contributions to film and public appearances and guest appearances on TV. One of her latest pieces, “Hope,” can be heard. Bedingfield wrote that song to recognize mental health issues within women.
Whatever she’s been doing enabled her to buy the aforementioned Holly Hills home with $1.65 million. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The two story home accommodates a big patio area and balcony views. Wine cellar and tasting area included! To sweeten the level of relaxation, Bedingfield can chill by the fireplace with her glass of wine, and perhaps a good book all the while knowing that she’s living in seclusion and privacy via walls and a gate. It appears that Bedingfield found an amazing deal, and wasted no time getting in on it.
Address: Unknown