When you are 9 months old Naomi Campbell‘s daughter is already a cover star.

For her magazine debut, the tot—whose name has yet to be revealed—graced the cover of British Vogue alongside her supermodel mom. Campbell said to the magazine that she loves the light. Their March cover. “She’s inquisitive. She was looking at everyone–she looks at people right in the eye and for a very long time. She took it all in.”

Though she has kept her daughter largely out of the spotlight—news of her May 2021 birth was so surprising that Campbell had to insist to British Vogue, “She wasn’t adopted—she’s my child”—Campbell has, privately, been basking in the joys of motherhood.

Campbell noted that Campbell can “count on one hand” the people who knew Campbell was pregnant, and she has also met models friends. Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. She is my greatest blessing. This is the greatest thing that I have ever done.”