Ashley has no plans to leave, even though she isn’t planning on leaving. RHOPSoon (If not, she is ready to give) The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls TripHave a good time.

CelebHomes News spoke out to say that she still has a lot of life left. It’s possible to tell when it’s right for you, I think. Like any job, many people leave their jobs after 20-30 years. I think it is time to move on.

Ashley doesn’t think about her life outside of the camera. 

“I think that once in a season, I will have an instance where I regret something I did.” The HousewivesShe said so. She said, “Whether I am arguing with friends or one of my close friendships, whether it feels like the argument is getting out of control, that doesn’t matter.” [or]It’s my family, my marriage, or personal life that I enjoy. Yes. Every season, I enjoy a moment.