Have you heard about celebrities, influencers, and Muscle Lab? Tik Tok stars and actors love hanging out at Muscle Lab in Pasadena, LA, but what’s the attraction with this facility?

Muscle Lab is the premier destination on the West coast for athletic recovery and well-being. You get access to a team of qualified, professional, and experienced staff that are experts in boosting your recovery and enhancing your well-being.

Don’t take it from us; just listen to what Tik Tok superstar Madi Monroe had to say about Muscle Lab after her visit. 

Madi Monroe Visits Muscle Lab

Madi Monroe, aka Madison Williams, is blowing up on Tik Tok right now, with close to 17-million followers. As one of the platform’s biggest starlets, Madi visited Muscle Lab to see what all the hype was about.

Madi enjoys training and keeping herself fit, and she was complaining about how she felt so tired all the time. We understand what she’s going through. At 17, this girl has the world on her shoulders and plenty of social pressure weighing her down.

We recommended she give a cryotherapy session a try. Her time in the cryochamber was eventful, with the Tik Tok star bursting into song at the sound of one of her favorite tracks.

After the three-minute session, Madi exited the cryochamber feeling freezing. After she warmed up, she started to notice feelings of energy and vitality wash over her body.

Muscle Lab – The Recovery Destination for Influencers and Celebrities in LA

You can find Muscle Lab in Pasadena. We’re the premier destination in Los Angeles for recovery therapy. Professional athletes, celebrities, and social media stars rely on Muscle Lab to keep them performing at their peak.

Why Do Celebrities and Influencers Trust Muscle Lab for Their Recovery?

There’s a reason why these stars and starlets choose Muscle Lab as their recovery partner. We have a holistic range of recovery services to improve performance and well-being.

World-Class Service

Muscle Lab believes in offering every one of our clients a personalized experience. You don’t need to be Madi Monroe to get the full attention of our team during your treatment.

We realize this is all new to you, and we want to give you a treatment you’ll never forget. Our team is courteous, friendly, and full of valuable advice. If you have any questions about your treatment, just ask your consultant.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Muscle Lab utilizes the latest innovations in cryotherapy technology. Our systems are world-class and suitable for professional use.

From cryochambers to IV therapy and NormaTec compression systems, you get the leading edge of recovery technology at your disposal.

Superior Results

Muscle Lab guarantees you the best recovery experience in California. There’s a reason why celebrities, pro athletes, and influencers like Madi trust Muscle Lab team.

We have the experience, knowledge, and qualifications to revolutionize your recovery strategy. Reach out to our consultants and discover how Muscle Lab can supercharge your athletic performance and recovery.

What Services Can You Get at Muscle Lab?

Muscle Lab offers you a holistic range of recovery and performance services. Contact our consulting team, and we’ll talk about the best therapies to suit your lifestyle needs.

Full-Body Cryotherapy

Muscle Lab is the leader in cryotherapy in California. A cryotherapy session will dramatically improve your athletic recovery. The process reduces systemic inflammation, improves mood, stabilizes hormone production, and accelerates fat loss.

There are many health and recovery benefits from cryotherapy, and we make this treatment available to you. All you need is two to three minutes in the cryochamber, and you’ll leave feeling like Madi Monroe.


If you’re having trouble getting rid of those last few pounds after your diet, speak to Muscle Lab. Our cryoslimming procedures offer you a painless alternative to liposuction. The cryoslimming process utilizes “cryolipolysis” to freeze fat cells and eliminate them through the lymphatic system. The process takes 35 to 45-minutes, and you’ll see noticeable results after your first session.

Stretch Therapy

Muscle Lab team has qualified, experienced physiotherapists on staff. If you’re dealing with a muscular injury, we’ll stretch you back into shape. We also offer stretching services to improve mobility and flexibility.

Sports Theragun Massage

Book a sports massage with Muscle Lab team if you have a tight knot in your back. Our qualified therapists have “the god hand,” and they’ll ensure they put your body back together to get you feeling great.

NormaTec Compression Systems

NormaTec compression therapy helps to improve circulation during nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood into your muscles. This effect increases your recovery rate, flushing lactic acid out of the muscular system, where the lymphatic system excretes it from the body.


The ancient eastern practice involves using silicone or glass cups that lift the skin from the muscles, removing toxins from the muscular system and blood.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna lets you take advantage of the healing effect of red-light therapy, along with the immune-boosting properties of heat shock proteins.

Injection and IV Therapy

If you’re vitamin deficient, it’s going to play havoc with your sense of well-being. Muscle Lab offers you a range of IV and injection therapies to help you restore your body’s vitamin and mineral levels. We have qualified, experienced, and gentle injection therapists ready to help you improve your well-being and recovery.

Book Your Consultation with Muscle Lab Team Today

Muscle Lab brings you the tools and the team to optimize your athletic recovery and well-being. We value every opportunity we get to help people unlock their potential.

Our professional and experienced team will walk you through your treatment options, making recommendations they think will provide you with the most benefit for your body and brain.

It’s time to experience Muscle Lab difference. If Madi Monroe trusts us to handle her recovery, should you do the same?