The Physical trailer may have fans wishing Murray BartlettHe was actually a trainer of fitness.

The streamer describes him as Vinnie Green in season 2 of Apple TV+. His preview features him moving, marching, and motivating his fellow trainees with so much energy that it makes us feel inspired to sweat.

“I have control over my own name,” he says. Rose ByrneSheila Rubin. “I run my business, and no one tells me what I should do.”

So naturally, Sheila is looking to Vince for some inspiration as she gets her own empire off the ground. He could be her friend, or foe. Who knows? Even Vince is questioning Sheila’s intentions, asking her, “Are you here to work for me or to try to become me?”

In addition to growing her business, Sheila is encountering “new and bigger obstacles,” according to Apple TV+. A problem such as Della SabaBunny the trainer who inspired Sheila’s first exercise video.