An interview with the Rolling Stone Jordan declared last year that Dead AsleepThe family had been approached by the filmmakers, who declined to interview them after they learned that the documentary was biased toward Herman’s view of the event. She said, “If it weren’t about Him, we probably wouldn’t have gotten involved.” But you could see that this wasn’t about him.

And while she understands that the documentarians didn’t necessarily need the family’s permission to move forward with the project, she believes it was “wrong” for them to do so.

“We are a grieving family. They want us to be exploited. She added. She added, “They are making our pain visible on the screen.” They’re causing pain to our families.

Dead AsleepDirector Skye Borgman previously shared her thoughts on the documentary, telling FanSided that she hopes it “struck a good balance between telling Brooke Preston’s story and Randy Herman’s story and looked at it in a really balanced kind of way and incorporated the science and the psychology.”

She said, “I would really love people to leave it all behind and actually question and ask one another about their sleep.” It is possible to murder someone while you sleep.