You can say aloha to newlyweds

Dog the Bounty HunterAlum Lyssa Chapman⁠ tied the knot with partner Leiana Evensen during a Hawaiian ceremony on June 3 after more than five years together. The couple announced the news on Instagram, with Lyssa—who is the daughter of Duane Chapman, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,”His third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain⁠—writing alongside photos of the waterfront nuptials, “I’m so happy, blessed, filled with love and gratitude. “I never believed I could be worthy of such love.”

According to Leiana, she and Lyssa kept the wedding “a secret” and chose to announce it a few days later “to soak it all in and just enjoy each other.”

Leiana said, “We now get the rest our lives to soak up the love,” and she added that Leiana was writing a blog post. She also wrote a message to her wife: “Committed, to growing love for you every single day, from this moment forward.” I love you !!!”