modern living room with designer furniture and floor to ceiling windows

Modern design broadly describes a style that is focused on clean lines, open layouts and monochromatic color schemes. Keep simplicity in mind as you design your modern living room. Do not plan to accessorize heavily. And choose comfortable, no-fuss furniture with a cool, industrial feel. As you contemplate a modern design for your living, consider the following ideas that are in keeping with the modernist aesthetic.

Think Scandinavian Hygge

Although the goal of modern design is not to limit yourself to just a few functional pieces, thinking Scandinavian hygge will help you achieve the open, decluttered feel of the modern style. Choose furniture that has clean lines in a solid neutral color. Lighter colors will help the room feel more airy but do not shy away from brightly colored accent pieces that can lift an otherwise flat monotone color palette.

Create an Open Layout

Modern design is often characterized by open layouts that give the room a spacious look and feel. Design your layout so that your view is unobstructed from wall to wall. Place tall items like lamps and large potted plants along the wall or in a corner so that they do not break your line of sight as you look around the room. Also, choose colors for your tall items that blend well with the wall color.

Choose Primary Accent Colors

Brighten up your modern design with accent colors. Primary colors are good choices that are consistent with the modern design aesthetic. Choose one accent color in blue, yellow or red and repeat the color in various places around the room. An accent pillow, vase, or chair, for example, in one of the primary colors will intensify your modern decor.

Hang Modernist Artwork

Be inspired by impressionism, fauvism and cubism. Any style from the modern art movement would be a good choice for a wall accent. Choose large pieces that catch your eye as you look across an open, airy room. Stick to the primary accent color that you have chosen for the room, and hang vibrant, large-format art that highlights this color. Frame your artwork in glass and metal in keeping with an industrial modern look.

Make the Most of Picture Windows

Modern designs are especially pleasing in rooms with large windows. A picture window–one with a large pane of glass and an unobstructed view outside–lets in lots of natural light. The view of the sky and other natural outdoor elements brighten a modern room and enhance its open and airy feel.

Incorporate Industrial Design Features

Modern design is also characterized by industrial elements like steel, glass and concrete. So, use these elements liberally in your design to pay homage to the industrial aspects of the modernist movement. Use of these elements is in keeping with the clean, streamlined look that often characterizes modern design.

Eliminate Clutter

Keep clutter to a minimum in your modern living room. Your tabletops, counters and mantels should be free of books, memorabilia and other tchotchkes. Tap into your inner minimalist when deciding what to keep on display in your modern living room.

Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Neutral wall colors like white and light grey will give your living room an expansive feel. These colors reinforce natural light and make a great canvas for bright, modernistic color accents. Also, remove any accent molding to give the walls a more streamlined look.

In summary, modern design brings a structured, clean look to an open concept living room. The clean lines and unobstructed views enhance the charm of natural light and simple functionality in a modern space. Use this minimalistic design aesthetic to highlight strong accent pieces and noteworthy architectural features. Embrace the modern approach to designing your living room and feel a lift in your spirits from experiencing this simple, uncluttered and airy space.