Brooks Nader is cautioning others to be aware of their surroundings after what she calls the “scariest moment” involving an Apple AirTag, a wireless tracking device.

The video, which was posted to her Instagram Stories January 6, shows the author.Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model claimed that a stranger’s button-sized product—designed to help users locate easily lost items such as keys—was used to track her location after it was slipped into her belongings during a recent night out in New York City.

Nader claims that she discovered the tracking device was on her mobile phone as she headed home from work.

Her memory was that she had been at Tribeca bar. I was waiting for someone and my coat was on the chair behind. It was very crowded. It was crowded with people.

Nader, 25, said that she “didn’t get any notifications” when she visited other bars with friends and only realized that her movements were being monitored later that night.