Davis recalls one specific incident, many years later. Stopping on her way home from set to buy a bag of M&M’s, the woman behind the register said, “‘I can’t sell these to you.'”

Initially, Davis assumed the woman was joking. She said, “I believed she was going to tell me she was kidding.” NewBeauty, “so I left that bodega and went to the next bodega down the block, and I bought four big bags of M&M’s and I ate them all. It was just very stressful back in the day…we had the extreme body stress, but now we have the age stress. Both of these were very challenging to handle.

It’s not easy to be constantly photographed by paparazzi. Davis stated, “You can eat, talk, frown, and fall all in one day. But they are there to capture it.” “There’s going to be bad pictures, and they’re going to talk about them, and they’re going to discuss your hair, your face, your this and your that and that’s just how it is I guess…at least in this industry.”